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2011 Bowman Chrome Checklist in Excel

Posted by Jim October - 17 - 2011 3 Comments

With 2011 BC just 2 days away from official release, I did some searching last night for a BC Checklist in Excel, but I couldn’t find one and certainly not one with all the latest updates/changes. So, I was able to convert a PDF to excel and then modified the list to include the most recent changes and of course organized it in a way that is useful. I also  [ Read More ]

With 2011 Bowman Chrome due out on October 19th that means I’m just 10 days away from sleepless nights…oh wait, I’ve had sleepless nights since September 1st when my son was born.  Oh well, what’s a few more weeks without sleep?  I’ve got 20 cases of 2011 BC coming in and I’m excited.  I love busting and I love seeing the variety of pulls you get.  I’m a numbers guy  [ Read More ]