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2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Posted by admin July - 17 - 2011 0 Comment

Well there is no doubt that Topps Triple Threads is a really fun break.  Sadly though, the price and the return just isn’t there.  I’m not normally compulsive when it comes to which products I break, but in the case of 2010 TTT, it truly was compulsive.  I had decided to take a day off work to go to New York to visit some friends from FCB.  The weather looked bad so I decided to stay home.  While out and about I stopped by the card shop and they had just gotten a fresh case of TTT.  I busted a couple boxes and got killed so I decided (stupidly) that I was “pot committed”, so I bought the balance of the full case.  As I said, it was a fun break, but the return was horrible. Easily one of the biggest loses I’ve ever had busting cases.  The pictures speak for themselves…I pulled some beautiful cards, but TTT seldom fails at delivering attractive cards.

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