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2011 Bowman Chrome – 20 case Recap

Posted by Jim November - 19 - 2011 0 Comment

2011 Bowman Chrome…I have such a love and hate for you. I hit one of the most significant non-autos in the whole product (Ichiro Atomic 1/1 – Japanese Back) and I pulled 7 Harper Autos (3 base, 3 ref, 1 blue), but some of the decisions made by Topps for this product really just frustrated the daylights out of me.
Here is a short-ish list of my complaints:
1) My #1 complaint is that Turner, Lawrie, Hosmer, & Ackley were all short printed. Not just slightly, but dramatically. At no point prior to release was there ever any mention that these autographs were going to be SP’d. These aren’t just any cards on the checklist but these 4 were in the top 7 names along with Harper, Banuelos, and Moore. Out of 20 cases, I pulled a single Lawrie redemption auto. Zero Hosmer. Zero Ackley. Zero Turner. IN 20 CASES! This is a major issue for me. Instead of hitting 3-4 Turner, Lawrie, Hosmer, Ackley, I got 7 or more Bromberg, Holaday, Brad Holt, Dykstra. HUGE dollars lost here. The lack of publication that these 4 would be short printed kinda screams bait and switch…sure they are technically in there, you just won’t find them and in their place will be more 99 cent autos.
2) The collation of the parallels in this product was a big problem.
a) Out of 20 cases, I received ZERO prospect Gold Refractors.
b) Out of 20 cases, I received 6 prospect Blue Refractors (one case worth).
c) Out of the 23 Orange Refractors, only 5 were prospects.
d) Of the 6 red refractors, only 1 was a prospect.
Sure, that all means that many others had “great luck” hitting prospect parallels, but for me, I got brutalized here.
3) USA Autos – Another area for major frustration. If you look at the original sell sheet it says “USA Autos included as an additional hit” “ALSO available in the following parallels”. My issue: there were no base autos. So it wasn’t “ALSO” it was “ONLY”. This easily took 2-3 autograph cards out of each case compared to 2010.
4) The checklist was a mess. Why was Luis Heredia taken out of the base set? Why was Ryan Tatusko added? Why were there 2 #127? Why was Steve Cishek unnumbered? Why was there no #171? This was the most unsettled base set that I can remember in a product.
5) I pulled my first ever 100-0 centered card. There was no right border on a Brandon Laird auto that I pulled. I don’t even understand how that gets through quality control.
6) The vet/prospect refractors were very hard to distinguish in low light from non-refs. Also, the backs of the parallel cards used to say “Refractor” underneath the number….they did away with that in 2011.
7) There was a time and place (namely back in 2006) when Bowman Chrome 20 ct prospect lots sold for $1000 to $2000…now, try $600-800.
8 ) It’s time to bring back the auto parallel in between Refractor and Blue Refractor. If they can make Xfractor USA Autos, then why not bring them back to the base auto checklist?

So what did I like about BC?

1) Hitting the 2001 BC Throwback Ichiro Atomic Ref 1/1 Japanese back…that was kind of a big deal.
2) I hit 7 Harper, but in my opinion, that was pretty much the odds for any one player…though the Blue Ref Auto was hit in the last case which was a great way to end that 4am night.
3) I like the inserts. I got bored with them after a while, but overall they were nice added value.
4) I like the parallels of the inserts. Sadly very few sold for much, though I did hit a Throwback Xfr of Lawrie that sold for $150.
5) I like Canary Diamonds…I didn’t pull any of them, but I still liked that they were included. I did go out and buy the Domonic Brown just so I could own one.
6) I liked the condition of my autograph cards. They were clean all around and hopefully they will grade out well.

At this point in time, I still have auctions ending soon, plus I’ve sent almost 160 autos to BGS for grading, so there is still a solid opportunity to break even and maybe profit. I will be much more discerning for 2012…I hope.

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