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With 2011 Bowman Chrome due out on October 19th that means I’m just 10 days away from sleepless nights…oh wait, I’ve had sleepless nights since September 1st when my son was born.  Oh well, what’s a few more weeks without sleep?  I’ve got 20 cases of 2011 BC coming in and I’m excited.  I love busting and I love seeing the variety of pulls you get.  I’m a numbers guy by nature, so I love seeing how I fair compared to the stated odds on the packs.  I’ll be live tweeting the break and you can follow along with @BigBreakCards on twitter.  I’ll be posting pictures and content here on the blog as well.  Hoping to see a nice following pick up and I hope to be doing a lot more big breaks going forward including Bowman Draft (40 cases), Bowman Sterling, and probably even a few cases of the new Leaf prospect products.

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